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Re: My recent RedHat experience

"Allan F. Caetano" <afct@uol.com.br> wrote:
>>>>>> "Colin" == Colin Watson <cjw44@flatline.org.uk> writes:
>    Colin> Huh? This isn't just a helpdesk, it's also for "... discussion among
>    Colin> users of Debian".
>    Good for you, my opinion is quite different.

That wasn't just my opinion. It's the description of the list on
<URL:http://lists.debian.org/>, hence the quotation marks; take it up
with the listmaster if you don't like it.

>    Colin> Since there are plenty of complaints about Debian here too (some
>    Colin> indirectly in terms of bug/usability reports), I think it's
>    Colin> nice to see the reverse now and then - even if it is
>    Colin> couched in terms of a comparison with another distribution.
>    People like minded could procede to Slashdot, where such
>discussion is commonplace and constructive discussion is the
>exception. I read these lists so that I can get useful tips and/or
>help the fellow newbie along the way. I seek entertainment elsewhere.

I think the odd "yes, Debian is actually rather good, here's why" is
perfectly constructive, and sometimes this takes the form of noting that
something else is broken in some way. Obviously it wouldn't be good for
it to dominate.

>PS (and this *is* my last word on it): I simply cannot understand this
>need to bash RedHat, or the stereotyping of all its users as
>incorrigible newbies. I used RH for a long time, I switched to Debian
>because I think it's better, but that doesn't mean I think RH sucks or
>that its users are all idiots.

Nor do I.

Colin Watson                                     [cjw44@flatline.org.uk]

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