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Re: My recent RedHat experience

>>>>> "Colin" == Colin Watson <cjw44@flatline.org.uk> writes:

    Colin> "Allan F. Caetano" <afct@uol.com.br> wrote:
    >>>>>>> "Brooks" == Brooks R Robinson <brooks.robinson@rides.com> writes:
    Brooks> Greetings,
    >> [... lots of inane rantings deleted ...]
    Brooks> I love Debian,
    >> Sorry, the cheerleading list is right across the corridor. If you
    >> don't have a problem to report, or can't solve someone else's problem

    Colin> Huh? This isn't just a helpdesk, it's also for "... discussion among
    Colin> users of Debian".

    Good for you, my opinion is quite different.

    >> please refrain from dissing on other distros. Leave that to the
    >> Slackware forum. We're concerned about Debian exclusively.

    Colin> Since there are plenty of complaints about Debian here too (some
    Colin> indirectly in terms of bug/usability reports), I think it's nice to see
    Colin> the reverse now and then - even if it is couched in terms of a
    Colin> comparison with another distribution.

    People like minded could procede to Slashdot, where such
discussion is commonplace and constructive discussion is the
exception. I read these lists so that I can get useful tips and/or
help the fellow newbie along the way. I seek entertainment elsewhere.

PS (and this *is* my last word on it): I simply cannot understand this
need to bash RedHat, or the stereotyping of all its users as
incorrigible newbies. I used RH for a long time, I switched to Debian
because I think it's better, but that doesn't mean I think RH sucks or
that its users are all idiots.

Allan F. Caetano
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