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My recent RedHat experience

	I just had to report my recent Red Hat experience.  I desired to install
Oracle 8i on a linux platform, and I happened to have some sort of CD that
claimed to be Oracle 8i for Red Hat.  I had been told by colleagues that Red
Hat was the greatest thing since sliced bread, and that everything that all
things I hated about it two years ago (last time I stepped out of my Debian
world) had been fixed.  I had been given a Red Hat 6.2 CD, so I thought,
what the hell, I got disk space and a few hours to kill.
	So, I tried.  I have one work.... ick.  It had a nice X install (I almost
thought I had a microsoft product).  It let me choose specific packages, the
install went rather smooth.  I was given a login screen, and the machine
name looked kind of strange... it was my IP address (or at least what my
cable modem provider says the machine name for my IP address is... ugly).
Well, that was annoying.  I decided to poke around in /etc to see what was
going on... ick!  Do they have any concept of organization.  I felt like I
was in my 8 year old sons room... stuff all over the place, I am too used to
the nice organization that potato has in /etc.
	Well, I decided to try and stick it out, and install Oracle.  Well, it just
wasn't pleasant.  The X was defaulted to 640x480, and I looked for their
nifty Xconfig within X, and didn't find squat.  I couldn't CTRL-ALT-'+', so
rather than tweak something I was already deciding to throw away, I lived
with it.  Well, the Oracle thing didn't go smooth either.  That's okay
though, I think I'll mess with Debian... it's just better.
	Bottom line... IMHO, Red Hat still sucks.

I love Debian,


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