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My recent RedHat experience

>>>>> "Brooks" == Brooks R Robinson <brooks.robinson@rides.com> writes:

    Brooks> Greetings,
[... lots of inane rantings deleted ...]
    Brooks> I love Debian,

    Sorry, the cheerleading list is right across the corridor. If you
don't have a problem to report, or can't solve someone else's problem
please refrain from dissing on other distros. Leave that to the
Slackware forum. We're concerned about Debian exclusively.

Thank you,

Allan F. Caetano
Universo On Line - EngProd - F: (11) 224 4418
ComVc: 479966   ICQ: 68214944

"Who is this peer that keeps resetting my connection?
 I have a broken pipe I wanna hit him with!"

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