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Re: Q: Procedure to follow w/Compiled apps?


Thanks for getting back to me...

> 1. I have compiled and installed a new kernel. I'll keep the source in
> place for future work, but what of the org bzImage? Does one leave
> that in place as well or is it ok to remove it?

>Sorry.  Where's that bzImage?  Under /usr/src/linux or in /boot?  If the

The original in /usr/src/.../boot. When I ran make install it made a copy
which it placed in /boot and linked to vmlinuz. So I have this extra
original floating around doing nothing. Do I leave it? What do people do?

>Usually I'll do the following with apps compiled from sources:

>  - remove source tree

...once you've installed the binaries (and/or associated configuration
and man pages), you can delete the source tree.

Just delete the source directory from which I just compiled the app, that's

> 3. The new app went in /usr/local/bin but I feel it belongs in
> with the other X apps. Is it a good idea to move it? Can I?

>You can.  Generally, you shouldn't.

Ok. Thanks for the advice.

>Debian doesn't manage files under /home/<user/ or /usr/local.

It was the Blackbox window manager I dl from Debian unstable. I thought it
being a wm and all it had better be out of my own personal area...

> PS If I remove the source, can I still remove the app later? If so, how?

This varies strongly by application.  There are several mechanisms which
facilitate this process, one incorporated into Debian is 'stow'.

>Otherwise, 'make uninstall' is a common build target which will remove a

Good to know. But what name do I use and from where? If I compiled, say
Blackbox, and it installed itself in /usr/local/bin + a man page.

This is all a big help. I'm about to get cracking on compiling some of my
favorite apps bt I want to know how to do it right....


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