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Debian installation from NT

Hi, folks:

    I've installed and configured Debian a lot of times in my local
network, always from our linux local debian mirror. But I've never installed
it from a NT mirror and now I'm having some troubles installing debian
via NFS from it.
    When I set the server name and the root distribution directory it
fails in establishing the connection with the NT server to start
installing the base system. Everything necessary to the installation
process is provided, like the network connection, the IP of the
machine I'm trying to install, etc.
    As I'm not an expert in the NT details, I'd like to know if
someone has already experienced installing linux from an NT mirror and
can give me some sugestions what my problems can be.

    Thanks in advance!

Ivan J. Varzinczak - http://www.inf.ufpr.br/~ivan
Scholarship holder - Boursier - (PET/CAPES)
Informatics Department - Département d'Informatique
Federal University of Paraná - Université Fédérale du Paraná
Curitiba - Paraná - Brazil/Brésil


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