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Re: Q: Procedure to follow w/Compiled apps?

on Mon, Nov 13, 2000 at 09:43:00AM +0100, Jonathan Gift (jgift@wanadoo.fr) wrote:
> Hi,
> I have two related question on procedure it would be great to have the
> answer to...
> 1. I have compiled and installed a new kernel. I'll keep the source in
> place for future work, but what of the org bzImage? Does one leave
> that in place as well or is it ok to remove it?

Sorry.  Where's that bzImage?  Under /usr/src/linux or in /boot?  If the
former, I'd just as soon leave it.  If the latter -- well, you can try
deleting it, but don't reboot any time soon <g>.

> 2. I compiled and installed an app that will not require me to keep the
> source. Can I remove it? How without taking the binaries?

Usually I'll do the following with apps compiled from sources:

  - Download to some temporary location.
  - $ ./configure && make && su -c make install
  - remove source tree

...once you've installed the binaries (and/or associated configuration
and man pages), you can delete the source tree.

> 3. The new app went in /usr/local/bin but I feel it belongs in /usr/lib/X11
> with the other X apps. Is it a good idea to move it? Can I?

You can.  Generally, you shouldn't.

Debian doesn't manage files under /home/<user/ or /usr/local.
Generally, you'll install local site files under /usr/local.  Putting
the executables under /usr/bin/X11 may interfere with (or be interfered
with by) the Debian package management system.  /usr/local is your own

> Thanks,
> Jonathan
> PS If I remove the source, can I still remove the app later? If so, how?

This varies strongly by application.  There are several mechanisms which
facilitate this process, one incorporated into Debian is 'stow'.

Otherwise, 'make uninstall' is a common build target which will remove a
program's installed files, but this is dependent on the particular
application and how its developer set it up.

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