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Re: Opera for Linux

Obviously Phillip Deackes <gsmh@gmx.co.uk>  thinks that:

> I can understand that, however I have no problem with commercial apps. I
> like the fact that I have a *choice*. My system runs a range of apps
> from GNU to commercial. I use Linux because I like it and it is good. If
> it cost me money I would still be using it!

No problem, I wouldn't mind, like, paying $ to get a cd-rom of, let's say, GNOME or Mozilla, I will support and buy HelixGnome as soon as it's available for sale here, in Germany, and I am sure I also would spend money on OpenOffice as soon as it's released, since having a thin modem wire connecting me to the internet, download is probably more expensive... But that's not the point to me, since I really see the *freedom* of GPL not mainly as a freedom of not having to pay for it... Then again, I am doing a lot of computer installations for friends and relatives (mainly, to spread Linux around), and, with licenses like of Opera (for as far as I read it), or the ports of apps Corel did, to Linux, I am not allowed to give this software (in fully) to anybody else... And *that* is my problem with those programs. :))

> I don't see why a commercial app can't be *the* best app - the
> commercial model is just one way of producing and distributing software,
> it surely has little bearing on how good the app is.

See above. :)) No problem with commercial apps, but here I see a ***total*** collision of basic licensing models... Pack a commercially sold app package (like, HelixGnome or StarOffice) which *still* runs under GPL as an additional software to Linux, and everything is fine. :))
Well... guess I am a little *fanatic* on that GPL thing, but, said again, it's the reason why I am using Linux. ;))
> Chhers Kristian. Take care.

Same to You (and the rest of the list), have a nice sunday. :) 

"And the things that we fear are the weapons to
 be used against us." (Rush)

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