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Re: Opera for Linux

Obviously Phillip Deackes <gsmh@gmx.co.uk>  thinks that:

> I have been waiting for Opera for Linux for *ages* and am very pleased
> indeed with what I have seen of the second beta. 

Hmmmm, my $0.02 is that I am running (Debian) GNU/Linux for 99.95% because of the licensing and distribution policies and ethics, so Opera as another closed-source commercial application is not an option to me...

> Mozilla is just not usable at the moment
> and although it gets better with each nightly build it is still very
> fragile on my system.

Well, I found M18 to work fine, even though I heard (and saw) that the M$Windows release of this browser works faster, and seems that Netscape6PR3 (for whichever reasons) in Linux also seems to be a little faster than 'native' Mozilla... Personally, at the moment I am using the Skipstone browser rendering sites with M18 through gtkmozembed, and I am *very* pleased with this system (especially since I don't need the mailer and newsreader and composer stuff of Netscape but really just a plain browser). And, if speed matters, what do I have lynx and links for? :)))

> Opera seems already robust. It has a nice interface and I would be very
> happy to use it as my interface with the web. Nowadays a web browser is
> so important and itreally ought to be *the* best application on the OS.

Even though I agree on that statement, getting back on that licensing stuff, I *hardly* can imagine Opera being *the* best application in this OS, because the way this product is distributed and brought to the customers totally conflicts *everything* Linux stands for... from that point of view, I rather would wait for a Netscape 12 one day (which then hopefully displays secure xxxxml and each of the thousand proprietary media-plug-ins we will have to face, in the year 2010) than consider using Opera on my system.

> Netscape is well known as being one of the worst Linux apps.

True, sadly... As already mentioned, try to get Yourself Mozilla and use one of those lighter browsers (galeon, skipstone) on top of it, or use lynx for fastest information retrieval in worldwide web.... KDE-Konqueror seems to be fine, as well... :D


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