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Re: which software for professional Mailling? OT: Actual help

At 04:38 PM 10/14/00 +0200, you wrote:
Matthias Mann writes:
> In germany, my home country, it is entirely legal to send others letters
> with advertising material into their letterboxes. The same is valid for
> emails.

John Hasler:
> What has "legal" got to do with it?  Do you labor under the delusion that
> everything that is legal is right?

No! Nevertheless this is the only way for me to advertise for my new
buisnes, cause i have not enought budget to pay for other possibilitys. And
i think i have the right to get my existence. And isn´t it all the same if
you see publicity on busstops, tv, websites or your mailbox? Who don´t like
commercial messages can look away and delete mails like that. I do the same.
Where is the problem?

Okay - we seem to have a group consensus that spam is bad.

Now can a large group of intelligent and highly knowledgeable people come
up with some useful advice for Mister Mann ?  Sure we can tell him that spam is
not the answer until we're blue-in-the-face, but I challenge the group to
provide an alternative.

My suggestion would be word-of-mouth, combined with a high-quality service. Make sure that the work you do for your customers/clients is of the best quality, and
that they are always happy with the result, and you will find that they'll tell
three other people. If one of those people could use the same or similar service,
then theres free advertising which is not intrusive, doesn't annoy people, and
as a side effect you have very happy clients.

Note - "very happy" not just satisfied. The client has to think "Wimmern! - Diese
Person ist erstaunlich"


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