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Re: which software for professional Mailling? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Matthias Mann writes:
> In germany, my home country, it is entirely legal to send others letters
> with advertising material into their letterboxes. The same is valid for
> emails.

John Hasler:
> What has "legal" got to do with it?  Do you labor under the delusion that
> everything that is legal is right?

No! Nevertheless this is the only way for me to advertise for my new
buisnes, cause i have not enought budget to pay for other possibilitys. And
i think i have the right to get my existence. And isn´t it all the same if
you see publicity on busstops, tv, websites or your mailbox? Who don´t like
commercial messages can look away and delete mails like that. I do the same.
Where is the problem?

Have a fine day!

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