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shared printers via LPRNG

People -

  I'm trying to get one lpd to send jobs to another lpd, but I've been
unsuccessful so far.

This is my /etc/printcap on the client machine:

lp|hplj5|remote-hplj|Remote HP LaserJet 5:\

/etc/printcap on the server machine:

lp|hplj5|HP Laserjet 5:\

this is my /etc/lpd.perms on the server machine:

(This seems utterly rediculous but it seemed an easy way to test. when I
get it working I'll lock down the permissions considerably)

Now first, note that I'm actually forwarding jobs to an HP laserjet 5
hooked into our LAN. This may seem unnecessary, but I need this setup
for some work I'm going to be doing.

When I print something from the client machine, nothing at all happens.
sniffing for traffic on port 515 reveals very little, but there is
traffic between the three nodes ( is the printer, .1 is the
server and .10 is the client). Now, when I do an 'lpq' on the client
machine, I get something like this:

sleipner: waiting for to come up
Rank   Owner      Job  Files                                 Total Size
1st    root       152  /etc/printcap                         2461 bytes

lp@localhost (dest raw@ 0 jobs
JetDirect lpd: no entries

... and it just sits there. Nothing else happens.

Does anyone know what I've been doing wrong? I appreciate any help
anyone might be able to offer!

-Aaron Van Couwenberghe

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