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Leftover .debs in /var/cache/apt/archives

On a related topic, everything I've installed from
potato-proposed-updates is left in /var/cache/apt/archives by
apt-move.  What do I have to do in apt-move.conf to fix this?

On Oct  4, Steve Simons (steve@kinder-scout.demon.co.uk) wrote:
 > Can someone assist me please - I have .deb files left over in my 
 > archives
 > folder even though I've apt-moved to a local mirrors folder on CDROM,
 > changing myapt-move.conf each time as appropriate.  For example, my  
 > sources.list contains -
 > deb http://http.us.debian.org/debian potato main contrib non-free
 > deb ftp://spidermonkey.helixcode.com/distributions/debian unstable main
 > That's all; I've installed potato, kernel 2.2.17pre6 and X from the 
 > debian
 > site, and helix-gnome from helix's site.  I did an apt-move for both
 > hierarchies (potato from debian and unstable from helixcode) and each 
 > time
 > files were moved.  However, I have files left over in the
 > /var/cache/apt/archives folder such as xmms_1.2.3-helix1_i386.deb and
 > rep-gtk_0.14-helix2_i386.deb, even though I've specified delete=yes in
 > apt-move.conf.  I'm concerned that in the event of a disaster, these 
 > files
 > won't be available.  
 > Point me in the right direction please?
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Neil L. Roeth

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