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Re: partitions and lilo

5 OS's ?!
WOW good luck!
you might have a problem loading some of them, though, if they start
after the 1024th cylinder (roughly 8.5 GB). The BIOS won't be able to
see your kernel image after that.
If they're all linuces (that's plural for linux) try partitioning only
the root partition (no more than 50 MB) for each version, but mounting
the same /usr and /home partitions for all of them. That way you can
squeeze as many root partitions as you like before the 1024 cylinder
mark and leaving the hefty /usr and /home partitions for last, to be
mounted after the kernel has been loaded (at which point the 1024
cylinder barrier disappears).
This idea is just off the top of my head. I don't know if it'll work if
you use different distros ( i'm relatively new to linux too).
As for primary vs. extended partitions - I'd recommend putting all your
linux partitions (except maybe your swap partition) in one extended
partition. IDE drives can have 63 logical partitions in one extended
one, but only 4 primary ones (with SCSI the number shrinks to 12, but
that's still plenty).

Try reading the partition mini-HOWTO at  

or the large disk HOWTO at


good luck


Jaye Inabnit ke6sls wrote:
>     Hello,
> Am doing project here loading up many versions of linux. I wish to
> use my 20gb hd. All was going well until I reached the 4 primary partition
> mark - and fdisk said no in no uncertain terms and complained that I
> should wack a partition and build an extended partion.
> I won't bore the list with details, but I have no good "howtos" on my deb
> box - does anyone know where I can find a good resource on partitioning
> drives for say 5 or more OS's? Would like to keep working away on this
> as it has been a great learning experience.
> tia - regards
> Please - reply to: ke6sls@arrl.net
> tatah
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