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Re: procmail recipe to detect fetchmailed addrs?

Hi will,

Quoth will trillich, 
> i meant, procmail. it only FEELs like prickmail.

While this probably isn't exactly what you are asking for, I believe
maildrop and reformail will do what you want. Though I have never tried
it, there is an example in the maildrop man page that seems very similar
to this (the actual example is of a vacation-type responder, but the
concept is pretty similar to what you want).

While procmail is certainly the most commonly used MDA around here,
judging from the list, I quite like maildrop. It natively supports
Maildir, and the rules are very simple to work out, using bog-standard
regex's. It also has a very comprehensive set of man pages and is under
active development. It's also a debian package, so no pain installing



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