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Re: DHCP client setup for @Home

Sorry to reply to my own mail, but hey, I finally got my cable 
connection working and I'm willing to share what I've learnt. ;-)

The problems I experienced were with the method my cable provider uses 
to get their clients authenticated / initialized / connected.

This is what happens:

o	First, you connect with some DHCP client program. You get an 
	IP in the 10.x range.
	Then, you start your browser (lynx here) and you immediately 
	jump onto a CISCO page where you are prompted to identify 
	yourself with ID / password.

o	Having done that, it says that you are "registered". The web 
	page tells you to "log off" / restart your computer.

Now here is where the problem lied.

What I did was "killall dhcpcd". That's *wrong*. I later found 
out about "dhcpcd -k". (-> wasn't documented anywhere!)

Thing is, if I just kill the dhcpcd process, I don't correctly get 
logged off their system. And that led to the situation that I kept 
on getting "DHCP_NAK" in the logs the next time I tried to re-connect.

Now that I am finally up and running here, I just need to configure 
some scripts, tweak some settings until I'm all set. :)

I hope these infos are of some help to someone experiencing similar 
problems sometime later. :)

(Cable speed rocks. Throughput averages at ~15 to 20KB/s)

The best way to escape from a problem is to solve it. 

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