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Re: Linux Mail Client

On Wed, Aug 23, 2000 at 08:18:23AM -0700, Steve Lamb wrote:
>     Well, gee, if you'd open your eyes and READ..  I DID GIVE THE NAME!  In
> fact, I gave it well before describing where it was but since people couldn't
> find it from the NAME I thought maybe giving the exact location of it in the
> project would help.  Clearly that is not the case since you couldn't follow
> simple directions which takes all of 10 seconds to do nor could you be
> bothered to read for the name which has been given no less than three times
> now!

ooh, when i grow up i wanna be condescending, too. it helps stop
the transfer of information, which is important. can i use you
as a mentor?

or, leave your ego at the door. if you're looking for pointers,
ask in a manner that reflects that.

if you're looking for people to crap on, run for office.

>     What more do you want?  Pamela Anderson there to coo in your ear, rubbing
> herself against you while moving the mouse for you to the right links?  Jeez.

um, is that an offer? my wife might have some words to say about it, but
yeah, that'd be reeeeal nice. what mouse?

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