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Re: Linux Mail Client (was: Re: Web browsers for Linux (was: Re: Netscape Bus Error))

On Tue, Aug 22, 2000 at 08:21:53PM -0700, Steve Lamb wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 22, 2000 at 06:21:15PM -0700, brian moore wrote:
> > Note that the "filtering" is done by fetchmail.  If you don't want
> > filters, then don't specify that portion of the command line.
>     Which proves my point that you need to filter from a single source.
> Completely stupid.

Huh?  From a single source?

No, unless you say "one fetchmail process" is a single source.  If you
want to run 30 invocations of fetchmail for no reason, I guess you
could, but I fail to see why "one single source" is relevant.

Note that in my example (if you had bothered to read it), you would have
seen that ~/.procmailrc was irrelevant.  Each pop3 mailbox had its own
(optional) procmailrc.

> > > >   3) Procmail, which will easily organize your email into whatever
> > > > structure you see fit, with plenty of folders and subfolders for...
> > Well, you need a local delivery agent.  I guess you could use 'cat', but
> > since it doesn't handle file locking, it would be silly.
>     No, you don't.  Later in your message you get pissy that I don't learn the
> tools yet here you are telling me I need an MDA when Exim does that just fine?
> Oy.

You mean exim doesn't have an MDA?  How does mail get into your mailbox?

Or do you mean "exim comes with its own MDA".

There is a HUGE difference.

> > Only because you insist on being difficult.  It amazes me that in the
> > three years I've seen you whining about how all mail clients are
> > unworthy of you, you haven't actually bothered to figure out how to
> > adapt them to your needs.
>     *I* am being difficult?  I find it amazing that I have a set of tools that
> works perfectly on other platforms yet when I come here and am told to do
> everything the hardest way possible that *I* am the one being difficult!  Come
> off it, mail, as it stands, is the one being difficult!

No, the "hardest way for you", at best.  I find it quite easy to deal
with, and it works great for an insane amount of mail.

How insane?  You do the math:

[mailhost:~] 9:38:34pm 53 % head /var/mail/b/e/bem/inbox | grep X-IMAP
X-IMAP: 0943303633 0000419781

> > The above configuration works just fine for dealing with multiple
> > identities and settings.
>     No, it does /NOT/.  It amazes me than in the three years you've been
> reading me you still don't get it and STILL cannot come up with an acceptable
> answer.

Yes it does.  Are you telling me that my mail configuration doesn't
work?  How the hell did I get this mail?  Am I just talking to the wall?
(I may as well, be, but that's a different matter.)

> > Source speaks, not screen shots.
>     Point was that people are stating they don't know what I want when I am
> providing functional examples.

You have done no such thing.  "Look at this picture!" is hardly a
functional example.  It's not even a bloody mockup.  I'm -not- about to
defile a system and pay for Windows to see what -you- want in a mail

> > If you don't like the way any mail client works, take the source and
> > make it work the way you want.
> > -That- is what GNU/Linux is about.
>     No, that is /PART/ of what it is about.  That is not /ALL/ that it is
> about.  As stated a lot of people don't code.  You have a VERY elitist
> attitude when it is simply, "Do it the hard way or fuck you, learn to code."  

Well, quite frankly, whiney sods saying "Write code my way or I will
continue to use Windows for mail!" aren't likely to make me care.  -You-
have a very arrogant attitude, insisting that YOUR way is right and
"fuck you if you don't agree with me!"

Ever considered that since you've managed to baffle half the people you
whine at about your requirements, that your presentation is, um, lacking
or, perhaps more precisely, incoherent?

Why not sit down and write how you want mail to work.  Do it in more
than four paragraphs, and define your terms: many are loaded.  (What,
precisely, is a 'mailbox'?  How does it differ from a 'mail folder'?
What is its relation to an email address?)

For many people, we have a multitude of mailboxes and addresses, yet we
are able to make mail work just fine... even if you tell us we're
imagining it.

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