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Re: Linux Mail Client (was: Re: Web browsers for Linux (was: Re: Netscape Bus Error))

On Tue, Aug 22, 2000 at 07:21:38PM +0930, John Pearson wrote:
> .forward file allows you to filter your mail into any number of
> separate mailfolders at delivery time, based on a wide range of
> criteria including the contents of the headers.

    Now take it a step further, what do you do on the MUA (not mail client)
side to address that?

> If you don't want all mail delivered to a single mailbox, and you
> don't want mail delivered to several mailboxes belonging to
> different mail users, and you don't want mail delivered to
> several mailboxes all belonging to the same user, what is it you
> *do* want?

    The notion of mail accounts separate from local real accounts and a mail
client (not MUA) which can handle multiple mail accounts (not mail from
accounts dumped into different folders) in a reasonable manner.
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