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bad new large hard disk? [chirps]

I sent this earlier, but it doesn't seem to have made it to hte list . .

This weekend, I  tried installing the 20G IBM drive I picked up on
vacation, and I think it has serious problem s :(

It chirps, which seems to come haveter a major (loud) move of the
heads.  The bios can find the drive about half the time, and reports
possible geometry choices, the least number of cylinders being 2053 or

Neiter cfdisk nor fdisk, nor the FreeBSD utilities, can read the disk,
reporting various timeout problems.  The FreeBSD bootloader noticed that
the disk existed--once.

I've tried reading it on two different computers: the K6 on a Shuttle
603 where it's supposed to live, and on an IBM P133.  Neither has been
able to fdisk it.

If this was a sub-1024 clinder disk, I'd have called to have it replaced
by now.  I'm hoping that I'm missing something that would let me
initialize the disk and be on my way.


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