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Re: bad new large hard disk? [chirps]

"Richard E. Hawkins" wrote:
> I sent this earlier, but it doesn't seem to have made it to hte list . .
> .
> This weekend, I  tried installing the 20G IBM drive I picked up on
> vacation, and I think it has serious problem s :(
> It chirps, which seems to come haveter a major (loud) move of the
> heads.  The bios can find the drive about half the time, and reports
> possible geometry choices, the least number of cylinders being 2053 or
> so.
> Neiter cfdisk nor fdisk, nor the FreeBSD utilities, can read the disk,
> reporting various timeout problems.  The FreeBSD bootloader noticed that
> the disk existed--once.
> I've tried reading it on two different computers: the K6 on a Shuttle
> 603 where it's supposed to live, and on an IBM P133.  Neither has been
> able to fdisk it.
> If this was a sub-1024 clinder disk, I'd have called to have it replaced
> by now.  I'm hoping that I'm missing something that would let me
> initialize the disk and be on my way.
> hawk
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Seems like your disk is pretty much dead. There has been reports
earlier of IBM's being bad or getting bad very quickly. My guess is
they've accidentally sold a bad production run, and some of these
are still lying around waiting to be sold & replaced...
Good Luck

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