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the finer points of pump configuration (dhcp & cable modem)

Pump seems to be working fine from root's command line
without any config customization at all; now I'd like to
know the debianly correct & polished way to run it.  Some of
the questions I haven't found answered in the documentation

Where do I specify that it should run when the system is

I would also like to be able to start/stop it using a
left/right click on my eth0 monitoring app.  However,
although it is world executable, it simply quits if an
unprivileged user runs it, saying "pump: must be run as

What is the purpose of the /etc/default/pump?

And what's the equivalent of /etc/ppp/ip-up when using a
cable modem (I'm wondering where a firewall script should be
called from.).

(cc not req'd, I read the ng)

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