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Re: Sound configuration

On  1, aug, 2000 at 12:58:16 -0500, tj.herring@autozone.com wrote:
> What is the proper way to setup Sound in Debian?
> I have an es1371 card.  I have used modconf to select the es1371 module and
> run update-modules.  Is there anything else that is required?
> It seems that esound (using helixcode gnome) doesnt like my config...
> because it reports that I don't have a sound card.  (I am in the audio
> group)

I have the exact same card, Potato and Helix GNOME. It works very well.
Have tou tried to log out and then in again after joining group `audio'?
Start your mixer (`gmix' AFAIR) and see if the volume is down (but I
don't think this is the problem though).

1: What's the output of `ls -l /dev/dsp'?

   Here it's:

   crw-rw----    1 root     audio     14,   3 jul  5 19:44 /dev/dsp

2: What's the output of `lsmod'?
   You should see these two:

   es1371                 23872   1
   soundcore               2596   4 [es1371]

If this doesn't work, post the results of the above commands and your
> Is ALSA easier to use?  If  so , what packages do I install... because I
> can't seem to get the drivers installed.

Not particularly, far harder to install than to insert the modules in
the kernel IMHO.
Works fine in SuSE though, with the same card.



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