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Re: How stable is WINE?

"Michael Janssen (CS/MATH stud.) " wrote:

>   IMHO, vmware is a rather large solution to just running windows - 
> if you're looking for something commercial, you might take a look at
> win4lin (www.trelos.com).  I have been using the eval version for
> about a week and I like it alot - it required a modified kernel, but
> once you get that done, it's amazing.

I'm running potato, and I'm having problems installing the
evaluation version.  First, the quickdownload.sh downloaded an
rpm package and not a deb.  But since I'm not using slink (and I
assume the deb would be for Corel), I simply ran alien on the rpm
package to get a deb out of it.

But running the install script fails:

# sh install-win4lin.sh 
failed dependencies:
        /bin/sh   is needed by Win4Lin-4.9.2k.eval-1
The Win4Lin package install failed.

Of course, I have /bin/sh (I even removed the soft link and
copied over a real binary to it).  I can't find where it's
testing this in the script so far.

Any ideas?

Did you get it to work under slink or potato?

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