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Re: How stable is WINE?

I wrote:
> "Michael Janssen (CS/MATH stud.) " wrote:
> >                                             you might take a look at
> > win4lin (www.trelos.com).  I have been using the eval version for
> > about a week and I like it alot - it required a modified kernel, but
> > once you get that done, it's amazing.
> I'm running potato, and I'm having problems installing the
> evaluation version.  First, the quickdownload.sh downloaded an
> rpm package and not a deb. 

I downloaded the `complete' file Win4Lin1.0-eval.tgz and
soft-linked the empty LINUX file to the one I had installed

>                             But since I'm not using slink (and I
> assume the deb would be for Corel), I simply ran alien on the rpm
> package to get a deb out of it.
> But running the install script fails:
> # sh install-win4lin.sh 
> failed dependencies:
>         /bin/sh   is needed by Win4Lin-4.9.2k.eval-1
> The Win4Lin package install failed.

Seems it was calling `rpm' instead of `dpkg'.
I hacked the install-win4lin.sh file, adding:

  trap Interrupt_Proc 1 2 3 15
+ PKGMGR=dpkg
  while true

I ran it, and it worked.  The problem now it that my Windows 98
CD doesn't seem good enough for it.  It came with a new Dell
computer purchased in Canada (the english version).

I emailed their support and got a very quick response:

  From: David Peet <david.peet@trelos.com>
  To: Peter S Galbraith <GalbraithP@dfo-mpo.gc.ca>
  CC: support@trelos.com
  Subject: Re: win2lin on Debian potato
  The CD you have is one of those "Microsoft Special" versions
  that cannot be used to install from.  Microsoft intentionally removed
  the "setup.exe" program just to make sure no one can install a new 
  machine from it.

So I'll try again tomorrow using another Windows CD.


Beware, the install script installs these binaries (not
registered with package management):

 		cp ../LINUX/tools/insmod /sbin/insmod_ver
		cp ../LINUX/tools/rmmod /sbin/rmmod_ver


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