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ppp does not set default route

Dear group. I am installing Potato in a laptop which has both an pcmcia
lan connection but should be able to dial up to a provider occasionally.
The lan card works fine. I can dial into the provider also, but am
unable to get ethernet connectivity until I do: route add default ppp0
In the ppp-howto I find:

  If pppd refuses to set up a default route, it is because (quite
  correctly) it refuses to remove/replace an existing default route.

  The usual reason that this error occurs is that some distributions set
  up a default route via your Ethernet card as opposed to setting up a
  specific network route.

  Fixing up this last situation can require a fair bit of IP networking
  knowledge and is beyond the scope of this HOWTO. It is suggested you
  obtain some expert advice
  (via the news groups of from someone locally you can ask).

This leaves me here ;-)
I hope someone can give me a bit of this 'expert advice', or pointers to
where I can obtain it.

Thanks a lot!

  Erik van der Meulen <e.van.der.meulen@avondel.nl>

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