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Re: run arbitrary program as screensaver?

I did that a few months ago, but it did not come with a screen-saver
option.  What  I  did  now  is  download the  xseti  tarball  and  the
xscreensaver package, together they do  the job (although they do more
than what  I wanted, which  is just to  have setiathome run in  the bg
when the screen blank). Two other options I researched are:
- a  script which looks  in /proc/loadavg and  starts/stops setiathome
when the 5-/1-minute load average is low/high
- a script which looks  in /proc/interrupts and starts setiathome when
the kbd and mouse interrupt values haven't changed for a while,
then stops it as soon as they do. 


On 26 Jul 2000, Christophe Broult wrote:

> What about using the `setiathome' package?
> # apt-get install setiathome
> Chris
> setiathome
> Krzys Majewski <majewski@cs.ubc.ca> writes:
> > Anyone know of a way to run an arbitrary program as the screensaver?
> > Two applications that have come to mind are setiathome and something like 
> > acidwarp. I'm really more interested in the first. In fact, I see no 
> > other practical way to run setiathome on a typical home machine. 
> > -chris
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