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Recompile Kernel -> no Ethernet

	Okay, so I recompiled my kernel to use the new 2.4 test4 kernel
and I'm very pleased.  :)

	EXCEPT, doing so make my SMC EtherEZ (8416T) go away!  I can't
seem to get it to show up anywhere.  Before I was using isapnp and a
module to load it, now I seem to be able to compile pnp into the kernel
and have it work.  It loads up my soundblaster like a charm, but can't
seem to find the ethernet card, even though I point it to the correct
address.  Has anyone configured a pnp card with this kernel?  What am I
doing wrong?

	Oh, and just for completeness, I recompiled the thing as a module
(no cigar) and recompiled the old working kernel again (no cigar).  So I'm
guessing that whatever is broken is fixable since the old kernel is broken
now too. Some file must have been set to something weird or something...

--adam b.

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