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Rdist question

Hello everyone,

I'm having a little trouble w/ distfiles for Rdist.
I want to duplicate directory "web_site" from host "source" to host "target" in path /tmp on "target".

I found I could do this by:

$[user@source: ...] rdist -c web_site target:/tmp/

However, I can't get it to work using a distfile.
I have:

# a file to tell rdist what to do
D_ROOT_SOURCE = /tmp/html #document root on source box
SOURCE = ${D_ROOT_SOURCE}/web_site

# document root on the target box

TARGET = ${D_ROOT_TARGET}/web_site # the production path
HOSTS = (iwmaster@nys32a-001:/${TARGET}) #production box host
#the above line always generates errors

${FILES} -> ${HOSTS}

I think rdist has a problem w/ the ":" in the HOSTS macro.
Can someone help me out?

Thank you very much

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