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Re: newbie install questions

Thanks Art. One other question just came to mind, my cable connection
is dhcp. Does the install differentiate between dynamic and static
connections? I might just have to get a static ip address..

On Mon, 24 Jul 2000, Art Edwards wrote:

> I just installed potato successfully from the FTP site. Here is what I
> did.
> 1 made floppy images of 
> root.bin
> the driver floppies
> the boot floppy
> I booted off, you guessed it, the boot floppy, which asked me to load
> the root floppy and the drivers. I simply followed directions. 
> I partitioned the disk, creating the / partition as well as others that
> I like to have seprartely.
> I installed the kernel, etc.
> I configured the network. That is, I chose the driver for my ethernet
> card. Now, I believe I have the same card as you. You are correct that
> there is no module that says 905c. However, there is one with a TX
> extension (I think it was the 509c card.) At any rate, I simpy went
> through the list of 3com cards until one installed correctly. 
> I then installed the base system from the ftp site. When you install the
> base system, one of the option is to do that. The boot system even knows
> the correct addresses. After that it was straight forward.

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