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Re: newbie install questions

I just installed potato successfully from the FTP site. Here is what I

1 made floppy images of 
the driver floppies
the boot floppy

I booted off, you guessed it, the boot floppy, which asked me to load
the root floppy and the drivers. I simply followed directions. 

I partitioned the disk, creating the / partition as well as others that
I like to have seprartely.

I installed the kernel, etc.

I configured the network. That is, I chose the driver for my ethernet
card. Now, I believe I have the same card as you. You are correct that
there is no module that says 905c. However, there is one with a TX
extension (I think it was the 509c card.) At any rate, I simpy went
through the list of 3com cards until one installed correctly. 

I then installed the base system from the ftp site. When you install the
base system, one of the option is to do that. The boot system even knows
the correct addresses. After that it was straight forward.

Arthur H. Edwards
712 Valencia Dr. NE
Abq. NM 87108

(505) 256-0834

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