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Re: Cloning an installation

On Mon, Jul 17, 2000 at 03:09:19PM -0700, Pascal Martin wrote:

> I want to clone the same list of installed software, but the base
> installation may differ slightly because the two computers do not
> have the same hardware: different disk capacity and video card. They
> also will have different IP addresses..  What I would like is an
> editable installation script, which I can tailor somewhat (for
> example by removing the X Window installation that is likely to be
> different anyway).  Modifying an existing installation list is a lot
> less complicated than reselecting all the packages manually, of
> which which 90% is pure application stuff.  The solution I am
> looking for would be to perform the base installation manually
> (including X) and go on with the remaining packages (not in the
> base) in an automatic (or semi-automatic) way.

A way to do it may be to look at the --get-selections / --set-selections
options of dpkg. That might do a good part of the work...

Arnaud Espanel

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