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Re: Combining 4 C-class networks: how?

In article <cistron.815271E55A83D211957300A0CC236DE3044325@ASPEN>,
Walter Williams  <wwilliams@mountain-cad.com> wrote:
>>Sorry to break in on this thread and being off-topic, but...
>>CIDR is 10 years old! Anyone still thinking in class A and class C
>>is probably still using COBOL too... sigh
>Excuse me, for butting in, but, all the 
>documentation I have read on TCP/IP still 
>refer to "Classes".

I know - and I heard that they even teach it that way in Universities.

Still, it's simply wrong. It's like assuming the sun revolves around
the earth simply traveling along a weird path (remember Keplers

Good books and good professors do point that out.


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