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Re: software watchdog

On Fri, 07 Jul 2000 19:33:25 EDT, paul writes:
>> My home-debian-box starts to behave rather odd lately, now and then it 
>> will freeze completely.
>Is there anything consistent about the behavior?  How long between reboot 
>and freeze?  Are there any error messages during startup?  What 
>applications are running when the machine freezes?  (my bet is netscape)  
>What Debian version are you running (Slink, Potato)?  What kernel version 
>are you running?  Have you tried telneting to the machine to see if it is 
>a console only problem?  Is the behavior in ANY way predictable? More info 
>is necessary if anyone is to be able to help.

The box is running slink, with all packages, except the kernel and 
 samba, "apt-get upgrade"´d to potato. Uptime is between 30 min and 5 
 days, I´m running X w/ fvwm95, setiathome in the background and, when 
 I´m home, netscrap _may_ run. The system is IDE with a SCSI-streamer 
 and -CD-recorder on a ASUS P54C-mobo with 4x16 MB FP-RAM and a Matrox 
 Mystique as gfx card. 3 PCI-ethernet-cards, one ISA, and a SB16.

Problem is that I can´t find any similarities between the hangs, the 
 box can run ok for a few days, burning CDs, ripping and encoding mp3s, 
 looking for ETs ;-), and doing ~1k mails per day, and at 3 am 
 (according to my ping stats from outside) it´ll freeze. Since the 
 connection to the outside is via PPTP, which hangs too, I can´t reach 
 it anymore, although it answers to ICMP from local networks. but I 
 can´t even get a TCP connection open (it sends nothing back, not even 
 a syn_ack).

The box is running as-is now for about a year, but is ~3 years old, so 
 I guess it´s simply getting old. Cheap hardware isn´t built for 
 running a 24/7 server, I guess.

It shouldn´t get too hot, since I already underclocked it from 66/2.5 to 
 60/2 and I´m having 2 extra fans, one cooling the PCI and ISA cards, 
 one cooling RAM. Also it sometimes freezes when loaded, sometimes when 
 idling (I´ve disabled setiathome for testing).

But that´s not the real problem, I´ll simply get a new used PC (used 
 P1´s are for sale at about $ 100) when I´m back from the trip, what I 
 need for the time being is a solution where it would simply reboot 
 when having trouble, and I _guess_ the software watchdog _may_ be what 
 I´m looking for in this case.


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