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RE: Compaq ProLiant ML350

HI Scott,

>Thanks to everyone who has helped me with this. I'm getting closer.

>I compiled a 2.2.15 kernel with Compaq Smart Array2, placed it onto the
>Rescue floppy and ran the following rdev commands on the kernel image: The
>install can now see the controller and the 1 logical drive (YES!!!!).

 Cool! Glad to hear it!

>Keyboard type, I get the message:

>Can't write to temporary user settings file /tmp/keybd_settings.

just out of curiosity, are you trying to use the (older) net-install
images - they were out three or four months ago?  I had this same thing
with those floppy images...

You could try going over to a VT ( do alt-F2) and you'll get a shell -
from their you might be able to find out what's going on, maybe it
needs a chmod +w or some such. See if /tmp exists too. the drive that you
are installing to is in /target (in case you were curious)... anyway, you
can frequently looka around and set things straight from this shell - and
then just return to the install menu (alt-F1) and see if you can go on ...

keep at it, I know you'll get it now...


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