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Re: software watchdog

On Sat, 08 Jul 2000 12:32:32 +1200, "C. Falconer" writes:
>1)      Temperature... has a CPU fan, case fan, or PSU fan seized up and 

no, all fans running fine (see 
 <[🔎] 200007080833.KAA15334@cruncher.Austria.EU.net>)

>2)      Have you changed anything recently?  moved it, rebooted it, run a 
>new kernel?

no, the hardware hasn´t changed in about 6 months.

>3)      Run top, procinfo, vmstat -1, pppstats -w 1, netstat, free, df, and 
>look for anything odd or wrong.

all looking fine, as far as I can tell (which doesn´t mean much, since 
 I´m a lowly network engineer ;-) and know criscos better than *n*x).

>4)      Take the GF with you on your trip - they make great company.

ah, no, it´s definitely a men-only-vacation, eg more about beer & 
 playing quake than sun-taning & sightseeing ;-)


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