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Re: software watchdog

1) Temperature... has a CPU fan, case fan, or PSU fan seized up and died? 2) Have you changed anything recently? moved it, rebooted it, run a new kernel? 3) Run top, procinfo, vmstat -1, pppstats -w 1, netstat, free, df, and look for anything odd or wrong.
4)      Take the GF with you on your trip - they make great company.

At 12:55 AM 7/8/00 +0200, you wrote:
My home-debian-box starts to behave rather odd lately, now and then it
will freeze completely.

The only thing working is ICMP, I can´t even get a TCP connection open,
the screen is frozen, neither mouse nor keyboard will generate any

I´ve already tried changing all I have on spare (read RAM and graphics

Since there´s not even a single syslog-entry, I don´t really know where
to start debugging. Would it make sense if I installed the "software
watchdog" into the kernel in this case, so that the machine would
(eventually) reboot when it hangs? This would be great because I´ll be
on a trip next week and my girl-friend needs the debian-box as gateway/
mailserver in the meantime...


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