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Re: software watchdog

&rw wrote:
> Hi!
> My home-debian-box starts to behave rather odd lately, now and then it 
> will freeze completely.
Is there anything consistent about the behavior?  How long between reboot 
and freeze?  Are there any error messages during startup?  What 
applications are running when the machine freezes?  (my bet is netscape)  
What Debian version are you running (Slink, Potato)?  What kernel version 
are you running?  Have you tried telneting to the machine to see if it is 
a console only problem?  Is the behavior in ANY way predictable? More info 
is necessary if anyone is to be able to help.

I've had uninterpetable (for me) problems on systems in the past, I'd try 
booting into single user mode, and fsck all partitions (except /) to check 
for and repair filesystem problems.  If my /usr, /var, /tmp, and /home 
partitions were severely hosed (usually from running a hosed kernel with a 
buggy HD / BIOS combo) I'd then use a rescue disk to clean up the / 
partition.  This usually would work somewhat.  For some reason, upgrading 
to Potato helped with my current el-cheapo box ($40 motherboard, $45 
processor, and $90 hard drive) but YMMV.

The lack of syslog entries is something I've never experienced, so I can't 
help you there.

miscelaneous endeavors

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