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Potato .deb pkg install of apache/php/mod_perl/postgresql or mysql

I run potato, now about 4 weeks old.

I want to install apache with php (3 or 4), mod_perl and either
postgresql or mysql.

It seems better in the long run to master an apt-get-based method of
installing them *if* that is possible--that's what I don't know.

I have looked in the debian-user archives and found some relevant
posts but nothing that quite answered my question.

Is it possible to do so using apt-get & the right debian packages?
If so, is there an order to events to make it all work?  For
instance, should one install postgres/mysql, then apache-perl, then
php4-pgsql?  Or does it only work to have source for apache and php
and perhaps the database, too?

Or do folks usually end up compiling their own?

In that case, does anyone have a suggestion for which versions of
each source to get that match well together?  

And is it reliable to use debian sources (via apt-get source) to get
the programs working together (presuming I follow their
directions ;-])?  Or should one just head for the 'real' source?


Gordon Pedersen         
info systems design     Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

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