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Re: Securing telnet

I don't now right off hand if sshd that comes with debian is linked with the
libtcp or not, but try not putting that in the /etc/hosts.allow and if you are
denied access to ssh to the box, try putting:

	sshd: ALL

in the /etc/hosts.allow.

Also, does tcpd accept CIDR notiation now - I saw a response that included:


I didn't believe this was allowed?  (Although I have not looked at TCPD) in
a long time.  

Personally I think this program is useless, you should always use 
ipfwadm/ipchains/netfilter/ipf.  They are MUCH better for securing your system
then tcpd. 


On Tue, Jul 04, 2000 at 04:21:05PM +0100, Patrick Kirk wrote:
> > everything).  
> > 
> > In your hosts.allow you should have (in addition to anything else you have):
> > 
> > 	in.telnetd: 10.0.0.
> >
> Won't that mean that ssh from remote is DENYed?

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