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Re: Netscape using exim/fetchmail?

Andre Berger wrote:
> Can I force Netscape Communicator 4.72 to bypass its own mail system
> and use exim and fetchmail instead? Background: I have a dial-up
> connection and a few users (my family) with www-based free mail
> accounts (gmx) who are used to Netscape, but want to write their mail
> off-line. It would be much cheaper to check all their mail at once.
> Andre

Install 'qpopper' for a mail server and point your netscape email
client(s) to the name of the computer that 'qpopper' resides on.  Then
set user name and password to be the user name and password of that same
computer.  Qpopper worked right out of the box with no configuring.  

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