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Re: sawmillthemestodeb conversions

On Thu, Jun 08, 2000 at 05:28:25PM -0400,
>    Now, they list in the GNOME Control Center's Appearences tab
> just fine, but when I Try them the Try button has no effect.

This is because of something stupid sawmill.themes.org started
doing. They started putting the Sawfish version number in the
name of the archive, but not in the directory inside the archive.
So, if you upload NewTheme.tar.gz, sawmill.themes.org renames
this to NewTheme-0.25.2.tar.gz, but the directory inside the
tarball is still NewTheme, not NewTheme-0.25.2.

The sawmillthemetodeb program just stores the tarball in the
themes directory; it does not extract it. This is to save disk
space, since Sawfish is smart enough to load themes from
tarballs, but only if the directory name inside the tarball
matches the name of the tarball. Thanks to the strange
sawmill.themes.org policy, this doesn't work.

The quick fix is to remove the version number from the tarball
name before running the conversion program. The solution is for
the sawmill.themes.org people to stop messing with the filenames.

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