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Re: Netscape using exim/fetchmail?

I have found out that I can point Netscape to /var/spool/mail/$USER by
setting the file type of the Incoming Mail server to "Movemail"
instead of POP3 (I use xemacs-21.1.10's movemail). So I can indeed use
fetchmail without having to set up a POP3 server myself.

Can I do alike for the Outgoing Mail server for the use with exim? How
does e.g. GNUs spool to exim and can I adopt this for Netscape?

Andre Berger <uzscd5@uni-bonn.de> writes:

> Can I force Netscape Communicator 4.72 to bypass its own mail system
> and use exim and fetchmail instead? Background: I have a dial-up
> connection and a few users (my family) with www-based free mail
> accounts (gmx) who are used to Netscape, but want to write their mail
> off-line. It would be much cheaper to check all their mail at once.

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