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Re: Netscape using exim/fetchmail?

> Can I force Netscape Communicator 4.72 to bypass its own mail system
> and use exim and fetchmail instead?

   Sure, just use fetchmail to grab mail from the net and put it on the
local machine.  Here's the strategy:

   Configure Exim to be an internet site using a smarthost (option #2). 
You'll want to make the smarthost to be your ISP's mail system.

   Configure your PPP setup (start poking around in /etc/ppp) to run
fetchmail when the PPP link comes up.  Do this as needed for each user.

   Configure each user's Netscape to check for and to write mail to your own
local machine.

   You'll want to also stick in a command to send outgoing messages to the
net when your PPP link comes up.  I can't remember what that command is, but
you can find it in the exim docs/man page.

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