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Re: Exim and changing the outgoing FROM: domain

Alec Smith wrote:
> I've just installed Exim on a Potato system, and would like to have
> outgoing mail appear to be from user@shadowstar.net regardless of the
> machine's actual domain. Under Sendmail I could do this with the
> MASQUERADE_AS function. Is there a similar method to do this on Exim, and
> if so how is it set up?
> Alec

This is done in the "REWRITE CONFIGURATION" section of the
'/etc/exim.conf' file.

Mine looks like this --

*@*.one xyf@inebraska.com bcfrF
*@inebraska.com xyf@inebraska.com bcfrF

'*@*.one' catches all the different names of my network and
'xyf@inebraska.com' is what the mail is rewriten to on the way out.


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