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Notice: GR to remove non-free support from Debian

Just a heads-up guys,

There is a General Resolution proposed by developer John Goerzen that
is under discussion on both debian-devel and debian-project, maybe also
a few others that I am not aware of.  The nature of the GR is to amend
the Social Contract so that Debian will stop distributing non-free
packages.  If the GR is passed, then Debian will no longer provide the
storage, bandwidth, and bug tracking facilities for non-free packages,
including acroread, blender, netscape, jdk, povray, trn, and xanim.

Now it looks likely that the GR will be able to collect the 5 sponsors
necessary for it to be recognized as a formal resolution, and after two
weeks of open debate, a general vote will decide how this comes out.
Only developers can vote, but as this will have profound impacts to the
entire project, non-developers should also pay close attention.

Intense debate is already under way.  Whether you are for and against
the resolution, let your voice be heard.

-- Chuan-kai Lin

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