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removing cupsys and keeping samba? (was: STILL! problem printing with cups)

Ron Farrer (rbf@farrer.net) wrote:

> I still cannot print, it's been several days and I still cannot get cups
> to work at all. When I try to reinstall lprng, apt wants to remove
> "samba samba-common smbclient smbfs swat" along with cups... Setting
> those packages to "hold" doesn't help. Anyone have ANY suggestions on
> how to get things working again? BTW, why did cups replace lprng? From
> what I've seen, cups is a piece of sh*t where lprng was rock solid.  

Ok, I figured out what went wrong. For some reason samba depends on
cupsys which conflicts with lprng, so lprng got removed. Although I
cannot seem to find why samba depends on cupsys? 

Any help with removing cupsys, reinstalling lprng, and keeping samba 
would be greatly appreciated!!! 


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