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Re: problem printing with cups

Parrish M Myers (parrishmyers@yahoo.com) wrote:

> The print drivers you get from printpro are dependent on a licence
> server and a valid licence.  Everything works perfectly except the
> driver it self.  I tried it for my Deskjet 970Cxi... ain't gonna
> happen.


The thing is, is that not even the stcolor.ppd driver that comes with
the cups source works! (I grabbed the source since the deb didn't come
with ANY drivers!) 

> No, what you need are the cups drivers that invoke gs.  They can be
> found at:
>    http://cups.sourceforge.net/cups-drivers.html
> While this sounds like a step backwards, it is!  But, it sould work and
> work well... assiming that your printer is supported in gs.  Mine,
> wasn't (or at least not well).  It seems that cups is simply a vehicle
> for selling their propiotary print pro software!  Which is a shame
> considering cups is a great leap above lpr.

That's really screwed! If it's like this, then WTF did lprng get 
replaced for? At least it worked...  

> The good thing is that there are many print projects going on at
> sourceforge.net, gnome and corel.  By the end of the year there should
> be something that works well.  

Are any of them in a usable state? I've decided I am not going to play
games anymore. I don't care if cups is GPL'ed, I still get the feeling
I'm being locked into something proprietary... 


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