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Re: problem printing with cups

--- Ron Farrer <rbf@farrer.net> wrote:
> After doing a dist-upgrade last night on my potato system, lprng got
> replaced with cups. I found a PPD file for my printer (Epson Stylus
> Color 900) in the "evaluation" version of printpro (commercial
> version
> of cups) and put it in "/etc/cups/ppd/". The problem is I cannot
> print

The print drivers you get from printpro are dependent on a licence
server and a valid licence.  Everything works perfectly except the
driver it self.  I tried it for my Deskjet 970Cxi... ain't gonna

> anything. :'( When I type "lp somefile" or "lpr somefile" (I also
> installed cupsys-bsd) the cpu usage jumps to 100% for a moment, then
> nothing. Running 'top' I see 'pstoraster' is what gets executed. In
> "/var/log/cups/error_log" there are things like: 
> I [05/Jun/2000:22:31:34 +0800] Job 11 queued on 'esstc900' by 'rbf'.
> E [05/Jun/2000:22:31:34 +0800] PID 23337 crashed with status 2!
> I [05/Jun/2000:22:33:52 +0800] Job 12 queued on 'esstc900' by 'root'.
> E [05/Jun/2000:22:33:53 +0800] PID 23356 crashed with status 2!

sounds about right.

> I've tried both ASCII and PS files, both fail to print. I'd like to
> try
> and make cups work rather then removing it, but I'm about ready to 
> purge cups and reinstall lprng... This is on an Alpha running the
> latest potato. 
> Anyone have an idea what the problem(s) could be? Also, since lprng
> got
> removed do I need magicfilter anymore? 

No, what you need are the cups drivers that invoke gs.  They can be
found at:

While this sounds like a step backwards, it is!  But, it sould work and
work well... assiming that your printer is supported in gs.  Mine,
wasn't (or at least not well).  It seems that cups is simply a vehicle
for selling their propiotary print pro software!  Which is a shame
considering cups is a great leap above lpr.

The good thing is that there are many print projects going on at
sourceforge.net, gnome and corel.  By the end of the year there should
be something that works well.  


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