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HD Problems...!!!!

 I am not sure if anyone can help me out with this problem or not, but here
 is what happened this morning...
When I turned on the monitor, there were a bunch of error's on the screen,
my 6.4hd keep'ed trying to be accessed, but it could'nt...Here is what it
was showing on the screen...
hda: read_intr: Status=0x59 {DriveReadySeekCompleteDataRequest ERROR}
hda: read_intr: Error 0x10 {SectorNotFound}LBAsect=4193029, sector=64
Has anyone had a problem like this...??? If so what can I do to correct the
problem, other than sending the HD back to Western Digital to see if they
can fix it without loosing any of my data on the hardrive...
Any help on this would be appreicated, Thanks...
Larry Shields WD9ESU
AMPRnet: wd9esu.ampr.org IPaddr
E-Mail: larrysh@chorus.net

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